What the doge?

I can’t pronounce dogecoin correctly. I don’t understand the origins of the meme. But for fun, I invested $3 in it a few months ago via Robinhood. I want to lean about crypto so I figured following the fluctuations of it was a good experiment.

So about that experiment and the $3:

What the doge?

I had a theory at the time when I invested in dogecoin. There are too many influential people (Elon Musk, Mark Cuban) that believe in dogecoin, that tought it, for it to collapse. But I never really contemplated a nearby 1000% return.

There was a podcast I listened to that keeps ringing in my ears. It was with Tim Ferris and some guy I had never heard of named Balaji Srinivasan. But Balaji is clearly wicked smart and one piece of advice he had … let’s just say I am contemplating it:

Balaji Srinivasan: Sure. So the question is, if I was given $100,000 or a $100 million, what do I do with that? How do I maximize returns? So the dumbest thing, but that I think is the most obvious thing to do, is put half into Bitcoin, half into Ether.

I’m not sure what to do with that information. But I keep thinking about it. particularly in light of my $3 dogecoin experiment.


Yo Saturday looks rough

Saturday looks rough. I got my workouts for the week. I’m supposed to go over 2000 kilojoules in 2.5-3 hours. No clue if I can do that.

I’ve been riding without power for the last week. I had a bike accident. My bike fell off my car while I was on a highway.


But I got really lucky. The bike was covered by the manufacturer (sort of). They gave me a discount on a new bike frame. So I should have my road bike back in June.

Meanwhile I found a gravel bike online. This was a super lucky find because the whole world seems to be out of bikes. In fact, it is out of bikes:

When COVID-19 hit last spring and the only activity deemed safe involved being outside, the demand for bikes spiked, local bike owners and sales managers say. At the same time, the bike pipeline dried up last year, because of COVID-related shutdowns of bike manufacturers in Asia.

It’s interesting to view the micro and macro events caused by COVID-19.

At the micro level, I think about how I picked up biking in August 2020 because I wasn’t comfortable going to the gym. And then I realized I was tired of cross fit cult stuff. And I loved going far on a bike and having a break from my house.

How many of these micro adjustments will stick? I don’t plan to go back to a gym or cross fit (ever). I plan to buy more bikes. Heck, I’ve bought three bikes in less than a year. I’m doing bike races. I love the experience of bike riding and studying my data and trying to get better.

At the macro level, it seems like our manufacturing and shipping systems were very vulnerable and COVID-19 exposed that. It starts with a supply and demand problem. Supply was at a normal level; but demand ramped way up as everyone wanted a bike. Bike manufacturers could not ramp up supply in response.

On the other side of the pandemic, I expect an influx of “used” bikes. People smarter than me will be thinking about this. If I was an entrepreneur, I’d be creating a bike exchange of sorts. Or a bike Airbnb where you can rent bikes (because people will be traveling more and bikes are a great way to get around).

Whatever. Saturday is going to be a killer ride.