Rain and gravel again

I’m jinxed. Tomorrow is my second gravel race, this time in Smithville, Missouri. For the uninitiated, gravel races are on… unpaved roads. Like gravel, and mud and whatever else.

Going into my last gravel ride, which was my first, I had one wish: don’t rain. So of course the night before it rained. The course was definitely wet but manageable. And it didn’t rain the day of.

This is the weather forecast for my race tomorrow:

Rain rain go away

There’s an 80% chance of rain at race start. Lovely.

I’m still going to do it. I’ve been psyching myself up all week. But man, I generally avoid riding in the rain.


Why do I avoid riding in the rain? Why do humans not like to be rained on? Is it some primordial instinct that makes us want to avoid the rain? That’s a weird thing to me — what is the root cause for wanting to avoid rain? Rain doesn’t burn our skin or really do any other harm. I guess rain theoretically can make you cold which makes you susceptible to sickness.

Logically the rain shouldn’t bother me. I’ll do the race, get wet and then dry off.

I do need to remember to pack a towel and spatula.