Fishing under docks

My parents bought a new place at Table Rock Lake. And I want to get good at fishing that lake.

So far the fishing experience has been maddening.

We went out on the lake for the first time in March or April. And boy did I get lucky right out of the gate. While he didn’t make it all the way to the boat, I did reel in a 3 to 4 pound bass.

Since then…nothing.

Until yesterday. I caught this monster:

Almost as big as my head

That is a very tiny fish, I think it’s a bluegill. I caught six of those. At least I got on the board.

But the most maddening part are the fish I can see under the dock. They are BIG bass and they just sit there and stare at my lures.

So I’m going to figure out dock fishing for bass which, according to Google, is a thing.