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Smart contracts and lego blocks

You had me at lego blocks. I’ve often made fun of Bitcoin and blockchain. I won’t be doing that anymore. It started with this podcast. In it, the founder of Ethereum explained how the blockchain can attack complex contracts through lego block style building. We used this same analogy at RiskGenius. It will take longer … Continue reading Smart contracts and lego blocks

Agency origin stories

Originally my idea was to do a podcast about the origins of agencies. But that seems too limiting. What about the young whipper snapper that has built a big book at an old agency? So I’m shifting to agent origin stories. The name still works — How I Built This Agency.

Go big with your podcast

Well, I’m starting out with what I’ve listened to. Tim Ferris interviewed Steven Pressfield and I like both of those gents. I liked the interview. Pressfield’s advice on how to write fiction struck me. He said to write the crazy thing, the thing that scares you. I’m getting ready to start a podcast about insurance … Continue reading Go big with your podcast

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