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So much time

I had fun in college and I did well, at least if you go by grades. But I’m not sure what I really did. I’ve been thinking about this as colleges try to go back to school. It seems college students will have A LOT more time on their hands. From Politico: A friend of … Continue reading So much time

Thinking about lead gen

I am working on a project and I am trying to get smart for that project. I need to get smart about lead gen in insurance. I noticed an email from Kansas City ad agency, Native Digital. Unfortunately, the email wasn’t linkable, but I am giving them full credit for these graphs. First, they pointed … Continue reading Thinking about lead gen

Revisiting Meditation

From the Daily Stoic: This is why we cannot be content to simply pick up a book once and judge it by that experience. It’s why we have to read and re-read. It’s why we must linger on a number of master thinkers, as Seneca said. Because the world is constantly changing, we are changing, and therefore what … Continue reading Revisiting Meditation

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