Something new

I went to bed last night, Election Night, wanting to do something more productive with my brain. It was 1:30 am and I was endlessly scrolling between Twitter, 538, and the New York Times. Biking. I’m going to figure out biking. So this is where I will track those efforts. What I know so far … Continue reading Something new

So much time

I had fun in college and I did well, at least if you go by grades. But I’m not sure what I really did. I’ve been thinking about this as colleges try to go back to school. It seems college students will have A LOT more time on their hands. From Politico: A friend of … Continue reading So much time

Revisiting Meditation

From the Daily Stoic: This is why we cannot be content to simply pick up a book once and judge it by that experience. It’s why we have to read and re-read. It’s why we must linger on a number of master thinkers, as Seneca said. Because the world is constantly changing, we are changing, and therefore what … Continue reading Revisiting Meditation

What you read matters

Seems obvious, right? During the pandemic, I have been trying to moderate what I read. I have found myself sucked into the same cycle: NY Times, Politico and then Twitter. and I don’t really read NAU of these sites — I just skim the headlines. I don’t learn much. But I certainly react emotionally. It’s … Continue reading What you read matters

Digital Texture and Marketing Flywheels and Seth Godin and Zoom

Writing often is a good habit. Seth Godin does it. I was about to list other daily writers. But let’s just focus on Seth Godin and the amazing flywheel that he has created. Because his flywheel completely distracted me from the original point of this post (“daily writing is good!”). I read his email every … Continue reading Digital Texture and Marketing Flywheels and Seth Godin and Zoom

Why less cannabis interest?

This graphic from Yelp struck me. “Change in share of relative consumer interest on Yelp for select business types“: I’ve heard antidotally that liquor sales are way up. I would have assumed cannabis would have been up to. And how is searching for a shopping mall and formal wear right now? What do you think?

Are brokers getting sued?

This is what I am wondering about. There have been over 400 COVID-19 business insurance lawsuits. How many of them included brokers? I’m going to keep track of my results in this Google Spreadsheet. My hunch is that brokers are getting included in these lawsuits. Let’s find out.

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