Feel v data

I’m excited to ride this week because it’s “feel week.” Usually I am a bit of a slave to my power meter data. I try to stay within the prescribed range. But this week my coach told me to put up a timer on my power meter and that’s it. Keep steady pressure on the … Continue reading Feel v data

Earn it

I did another gravel race today. I should be elated – I set a bunch of personal records on power and heart rate. But I’m not elated. I’m not a very patient person and I think I expected to see results faster. And I know I’m seeing results so … what is it? In the … Continue reading Earn it

A spark of an idea

This post will be sort of nonsensical. I have lots of ideas. Everyone has lots of ideas. Ideas come in our brains; ideas fly out of our brains. For example, I have two substacks that I started and abandoned. The internet is just a big notebook. The most interesting ideas, though, are the ones that … Continue reading A spark of an idea

Crushing gravel

I have a future post in me about “why do sports?” But today I just want to say: I crushed my gravel race yesterday. Major progress was made. There are a lot of lessons here. What you eat matters. I made some simple switches to what I eat during a ride and went from barely … Continue reading Crushing gravel

Rain and gravel again

I’m jinxed. Tomorrow is my second gravel race, this time in Smithville, Missouri. For the uninitiated, gravel races are on… unpaved roads. Like gravel, and mud and whatever else. Going into my last gravel ride, which was my first, I had one wish: don’t rain. So of course the night before it rained. The course … Continue reading Rain and gravel again


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