Feel v data

I’m excited to ride this week because it’s “feel week.”

Usually I am a bit of a slave to my power meter data. I try to stay within the prescribed range.

But this week my coach told me to put up a timer on my power meter and that’s it. Keep steady pressure on the life pedals. And ignore power.

So that’s fun.

I’ve noticed in racing that you don’t really pay attention to power. Instead heart rate is important so you can keep tabs on your effort.

So getting a feel for power is also important. Because if you’re not checking power on race day, you still need a feel for how you are doing.

In fact, the same goes for heart rate. In my last race, I had an intense first hour, but I didn’t notice it. I didn’t notice it because I track power and heart rate religiously when I am training. Without these two data points, I didn’t really have a good feel for my effort.

But during a race, particularly the first hour it seems, you have a lot more to pay attention to. Strategy, other bikes, getting a feel for conditions. So you aren’t really looking at power or heart rate.

Being able to feel these two things is what this week is about.

Data is good until you can no longer access it.

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