I’m good with a new normal

Ryan Holiday’s post on not just letting things return to normal inspired this post.

I’ll start by saying I feel very, very grateful to be alive today. COVID-19 has been horrible and not everyone has been so lucky. My uncle died, my neighbor died, millions died.

Each day is a blessing.

Today I went to a Royal’s game with my kids and wife. It was the first event where things seemed to be getting back to normal. My kids loved it, my wife loved it, I loved it. I made it a practice to stay off my phone throughout the game.

And then we were rewarded with a walk off home run. Let’s see if I can share a link from Twitter:

Carlos Santana goes yard in the bottom of the ninth to win it.

I paid attention to the game. My family paid attention. And you could feel the home run coming if you were paying attention. I was able to notice many little moments that led to the walk off home run:

  • It was the first time my two boys were able to sit through an entire baseball game and stay interested.
  • Nicky Lopez made two run-saving plays in the sixth or seventh inning to keep the deficit at two runs.
  • The Royal’s Jorge Soler hit a ball 108 mph in the eighth inning that should have been at least a hit but was caught by the center fielder.

It just felt like a game that would swing back to the Royals. I would not have noticed that if I had played on my phone or if my kids got bored or certainly if we had left early.

I want to keep living a life where I can watch baseball for 9 innings with my family with bit a care in the world (other than the game).

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