A spark of an idea

This post will be sort of nonsensical.

I have lots of ideas. Everyone has lots of ideas. Ideas come in our brains; ideas fly out of our brains. For example, I have two substacks that I started and abandoned.

The internet is just a big notebook.

The most interesting ideas, though, are the ones that burrow into your brain. The ones that won’t go away. This morning I woke up and involuntarily started thinking about an idea I have been gnawing on.

We all have ideas.

But it’s the idea that sticks around that are most interesting. I have the ability to take an idea and play with it, to do mental gymnastics with it for awhile. I’ve actually learned to not turn on this power very often because it is so distracting.

I have a specific example. In 2013, I was running a business. I happened to take a vacation to the beach with my family. And I started working on another idea that was so dumb. Here it is:

Omg terrible business idea alert

Discovery Hound was going to be a low cost e-discovery tool for lawyers. What a waste of a beach vacation.

What’s the point? Ideas come and go. Watch for the ones that aren’t fleeting.

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