My cycling breakthrough

So when you have a break out, a breakthrough, it means you’re changing how you see things. And when you change how you see things, then things change. So when you change how you see things, the things you look at change. So the constant improvement is great to have improvement, but a breakout has to do with, so you could be improving and being a little pawn and it’s good for the little pawn. But to really break out, to really go beyond that, it’s you have to just be — have what courageous initiative is like. It’s nice I can hit singles all day on playing baseball, just get a single — instead of single, but you want to be able to not only hit a single, but hit whatever the heck you want, hit home runs, hit whatever. So I would say the vision of possibility is bigger in one versus the other, where it’s keeping you playing small and it’s comfortable versus being big and having a breakout.

Ferris interviews Mumford

I finished my ride, turned on the car, and this came on. What great timing. I had a cycling breakthrough.

Up until now, it’s been all incremental improvements. But look at this:

I broke my 1.5 hr watts record by 10 watts. Crazy! And I wasn’t even riding hard. I had power in the tank.

The key to this breakthrough wasn’t anything to do with a bike, or pedaling. It was about what I ate.

Here is what I ate and drank during the second ride on the list:

  • 5 Lara bars
  • 3 bottles of water

And here is what I ate on today’s ride:

  • 9 Cliff blocks
  • 3 bottles of water mixed with Intensiv powder

I can’t tell you how much of a difference this nutrition made. Basically I went from 30 g of glycogen to 90 g of glycogen per hour (I need to double check that math).

During the ride, about an hour in, I thought to myself “oh man, I feel so much stronger.” It turns out the extra glycogen made my heart work a lot less:

That is not even close. 138 beats per minute versus 166 beats per minute.

Thanks to my coach Kent for making this change suggestion to me.

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