“What’s next?”

My ten year old plays a lot of soccer and he has a great coach. The coach doesn’t just teach soccer, he teaches life stuff. When something bad happens, he yells out:

“What’s next?”

If the other team scores a goal, “what’s next?” If the referee makes a bad call, “what’s next?”

And this works for good stuff too. You score a goal, “what’s next?” You make a sick move, “what’s next?”

The point is, good or bad, you move on. You don’t dwell. It’s so easy to brood or celebrate in your brain. But in sports, in the moment, you have to move on and keep executing. After the game, the event, the moment, you can celebrate.

Kind of a boring life philosophy post. But my son is playing for first place in two weeks. His team started out rough but over two years the coach has worked with them. First it was the skills. Then it was mental toughness.

Grit stuff.

Here’s a pic of my son making a sick save.

Yes that is the pic on the front of my phone

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