Go big with your podcast

Well, I’m starting out with what I’ve listened to. Tim Ferris interviewed Steven Pressfield and I like both of those gents. I liked the interview.

Pressfield’s advice on how to write fiction struck me. He said to write the crazy thing, the thing that scares you.

I’m getting ready to start a podcast about insurance agent founders. The project has scared me for some time. How do I make it big?

I think the answer is that I need to dig. Before the interview, uncover the right information before the interview, take time to structure the questions and the flow. During the interview, don’t let up. Ask the hard questions. If you notice something weird, prod right there. And after the interview, dig into post production and reaching out and generating support. All of those things.

There isn’t some magical formula for a good podcast or book. Just do the scary work, know that you may fail and hope for the best.

I have a few dream interviewees. Tom Clancy is at the top of the list. He ran an agency while he wrote his first book.

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