What you read matters

Seems obvious, right?

During the pandemic, I have been trying to moderate what I read. I have found myself sucked into the same cycle: NY Times, Politico and then Twitter. and I don’t really read NAU of these sites — I just skim the headlines.

I don’t learn much. But I certainly react emotionally. It’s like a drug, the scary headlines are a dopamine hit.

As I contemplated this state, I remembered a Ryan Holiday article: Why Everyone Should Watch Less News.

The practice goes like this:

Watch less news (duh)

Be selective about the news you read

That’s it. I think that second part is tricky. Because I could very easily check NY Times and Politico and Twitter less. But this may be worse than actually reading the articles on these sites.

So I have renewed my subscription to The Economist. I like to receive the print edition. It’s a slightly center-right publication that covers US and international events. I dig it.

Sunday morning

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